Counselling Services - COVID-19 Update

NZAF will continue to offer counselling services remotely and counsellors are able to hold sessions via phone, video chat and more.

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Free Counselling

Kaiāwhina kore utu

We offer free and confidential short-term counselling, helping to equip you to deal with life's challenges.

If you're seeking support in relation to your mental health and wellbeing, we offer free counselling services. Our counsellors use a range of therapeutic approaches to better equip people to deal with life’s challenges.

This service is available to:

  • People living with HIV 
  • People affected by HIV (e.g. partners, whānau and friends)
  • Men who have sex with men

What can I talk to counsellors about?

Every person's situation is different. These are some of the types of things our clients work through with us:

  • Managing a new HIV diagnosis
  • Living with HIV (eg: the impact of stigma)
  • Ageing with HIV
  • Supporting a significant other/whānau with HIV
  • Sexual and gender identity
  • Sexual behaviour including sexual dysfunction and sex addiction
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Self-esteem and self-care
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Substance use and harm minimisation (Please note we are not specialists in substance use and harm minimisation)


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To request an appointment for a counselling assessment, call us on 0800 802 437 or complete the form below.


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