These are genuine reviews from our health services clients.

Our health services teams throughout the country are friendly, professional and dedicated. They provide free rapid HIV and STI testing, support and counselling.

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Burnett Centre Auckland

February 2015

  • Easy-going, informative, friendly staff.
  • The serivice was thorough and I found that great.
  • Professional and informative, fast and convenient. Thanks, for all your support. Hope more and more can test themselves regularly
  • Thanks for taking the time to treat me like a real person.
  • Jane was absolutely fantastic. She made me feel at ease. Thanks so much.
  • Staff member was amazing. he scared me, but in the most right way!
  • Very good counselling about STIs and safe practice. Appreciate the help and support.
  • November 2014

  • Very good service, run by friendly and professional people.
  • I was very comfortable with the whole process. Warm staff made it better. So nice to see this free and confidential service work for a better cause. Will surely advise any of my friends to visit this service.
  • Counsellor who ested me was very helpful and very knowledgeable, he answered all my questions and was always smiling and caring.
  • Service excellent. Staff friendly and helpful -- ten out of ten.
  • Friendly relaxed atmosphere. Lyndon and Linda put me at ease throughout. Great invaluable service.
  • Thanks NZAF !! It s a great service, Fast, Free and confidential.
  • Nice staff, they made me confident talking about sex.
  • Thanks heaps for the Fast, Free and efficient service.
  • Everyone who works here make me feel comfortable and less nervous especially Linda. It s always a scary process being Tested, but I wouldn t go anywhere else. Thank you for everything that you do for us all.
  • Lovely people and really warm and welcoming and a safe atmosphere. The counselling session beforehand was amazing and helpful.

October 2014

  • I'm really so grateful for this service — I'd rate it 10/10 on everything — the service, sensitivity, anonymity and cost. Thank you.
  • I received really friendly service from the moment I called to book an appointment to the moment I was greeted at reception and went in for tests. I felt comfortable and no judgement in a safe environment that I’ve never been before. Thank you so much! I’ll be back and safer with my sexual practice.
  • This service was excellent. Staff very friendly, non-judgemental and reassuring. Thank you.
  • I’m so thankful for this service. I think people should be more conscious about safe sex activities and how to prevent themselves from getting HIV or any other sexually transmitted infection. I will definitely be recommending this service.

Awhina Centre Wellington

March 2015

  • Appreciated the frank and clear talk with the counsellor; will use service again; safe and comfortable environment.
  • I initially emailed Don at the front desk about a test. I was thankful for his quick response and his friendly attitude. He was able to make an appointment for me in a time friendly manner and provided a great atmosphere on my arrival. Anne assisted me with my rapid test and offered a very comforting and welcoming atmosphere. She made sure I was comfortable the whole time I was here and even brought me tea! She answered all of my questions and made this experience 100% better. Thanks guys.
  • Very nice experience, staff deserve high praise.

February 2015

  • Beautiful, safe environment created by Brenda.
  • Excellent service, outstanding people, very friendly, non-judgmental, put me at ease and very knowledgeable.
  • Great service, great people, very good to deal with.
  • NZ AIDS Foundation is amazing. Testing is easy/simple. I love that you speak to someone one on one before and during testing. It s comfortable and makes you feel totally great and normal for getting tested.
  • My experiences getting tested in the United States have not been half as good, poorly/understaffed facilities. No personal time with testers. I love NZAF!
  • I was contacted very quickly and we organised the check up the next week. I was already planning to practice safe sex if the situation were to occur but this has definitely cemented its importance to me. Thank you for making this service available to me and others. It was quick and comfortable, and I was happy and impressed. I will definitely reccomend it to others.  

November 2014

  • As this is my first time I’d done any counselling/checking around sexual health, I really appreciated the warmth and the honesty from the counsellor. In terms of the test, I loved that it was quick and painless. Thanks heaps!
  • Everyone was super nice and friendly. Great info and guidance for the future.
  • Fantastic staff with a great sense of humour and very good at creating a safe environment to talk about private information.
  • Very professional, friendly staff helped me take the fear of being tested away a bit and calmed me down simply by being matter-of-fact, informative and nice.
  • Good info, clearly communicated, thanks.
  • Thank you for having such a discreet service available, especially since I am a bisexual male and this makes it harder to get mainstream help.
  • My counsellor, Brenda Little, made the process simple and was very friendly while maintaining an air of professionalism. I would definitely return for regular tests to keep up to date about my health.

October 2014

  • I thought the test was very thorough and the session with the staff member was extremely helpful towards me and the future decisions I take.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff I had contact during my testing process. The appointment was easy to book and the staff I spoke to on the phone is friendly. During my test, the lady who conducted the test was knowledgeable and informative. She understood the psychological mind of the person who is being tested. She made me calm down and explain the whole process and answered all my questions. I am grateful for the work and service your organisation is providing.
  • Awesome service, very flexible and empathetic.

Te Toka Christchurch

February 2015

  • I felt safe, secure & comfortable to speak freely with the counselor regarding my situation. He has been a compassionate, understanding and gentle in speaking with me.
  • Very friendly, professional and informative, would highly recommend!
  • Thanks for providing a thoroughly professional and supportive service.
  • Friendly staff, especially Brent – great counsellor.
  • Relaxed environment made it easier for me.
  • Speedy, straightforward, easy to understand, well organised.
  • Excellent service! Very fast as opposed to other centres where we have to wait until the next day to get test results.

November 2014

  • Thanks for an excellent service.
  • It was really fast and comfortable.
  • Thanks for every word about to be safe in the future - understood everything you told me, next time I will be safe and very safe.
  • Very fast and effective, nice and friendly people! Very informative also will be taking more precautions in the future.
  • I really like the service that you provide. Excellent service from Victoria , non-judgmental and friendly. Victoria has a really nice approach when communicating with me. Lisane is really good value. Good communicating skills and non -judgmental, this is such a valuable service that you can t get anywhere else. I highly recommend NZAF.
  • I am extremely happy with the serice I received and forund the staff incredibly helpful, informative, friendly!
  • The counsel.lor was thorough in explaining testing/transmission and other facts that if the process were faster I'd not have known, or been aware of as new information about HIV may have came to light since my last test. Thanks you!
  • Good services / fast. People should go for HIV general test once a year to keep themselves and others healthy.
  • Very quick, easy process - highly recommended -like that it is all kept private.
  • The test was fast and easy - I felt comfortable taking the test and the staff were competent & friendly.