Free HIV & STI Testing

Get tested for HIV and other STIs at our centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and through our contracted providers in other regions around the country.

We provide a rapid testing service for HIV and syphilis which involves just one quick, painless finger prick to produce a single drop of blood which is placed in a sterile testing device. An accurate result is confirmed in just twenty minutes instead of the five to seven days it might take for a result from a standard blood test through your GP or local sexual health clinic.

We also offer tests for gonorrhoea and chlamydia which involve a urine test and/or swab depending on your case. The results of these tests are available within five working days and you will only be contacted if you have a positive result. 

STI screening services are provided in partnership with Auckland Regional Sexual Health Service, Wellington Sexual Health Service, Christchurch Sexual Health Service.

Our testing service is free and completely confidential. Visit the Getting Tested section for more information.