Love Your Condom

Love Your Condom is the NZAF’s social marketing programme for gay and bisexual men. It is a community-focused programme designed to create a condom culture across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Love Your Condom (LYC) uses a suite of marketing techniques to appeal to gay and bisexual men to use condoms and lube every time for sex. LYC also calls on the significant others (friends, whānau, colleagues) of gay and bisexual men to support their loved ones to make wise health decisions. 

“We aim to develop a society where it’s socially acceptable to talk to any other New Zealander, but especially those who are most at risk of HIV, about using condoms. Inherent in a condom culture is the attitude that it’s socially unacceptable to ask someone for unsafe sex and anyone who’s asked will have the knowledge and confidence they need to say no”

- Nick Laing, General Manager, New Zealand AIDS Foundation

Employing forward-thinking behavioural change messaging, LYC uses traditional media, social media, community engagement, mass marketing and guerrilla marketing techniques to connect with its audience.

Our world-leading programme is already showing results. Since its inception new HIV infection rates among MSM in New Zealand have dropped by 12%.

The development of a condom culture across all population groups in our country will reduce the prevalence of HIV and increase sexual health and wellbeing for Aotearoa New Zealand overall.


“This is awesome... straight to the point advice… I wish there was something like this when I was younger. Would've taken away a lot of anxiety!”

“Hi guys ♥ ur doing a great job!!!! I think you guys are doing top work at the moment. This is so cool!”

“I urge you to check out the fantastic website for [Love Your Condom]! In particular their video on how to have anal sex. [note videos are NSFW!] Be sure to check out the whole site!”



#smcakls: Finalist, Best Use of Social Media by a Brand or Company, June 2014

TVNZ Marketing Awards: Winner, Not For Profit Industry Award, August 2014

TVNZ Marketing Awards: Finalist, Judges Choice Award, August 2014