Ending HIV

Ending HIV is NZAF’s HIV prevention campaign that aims to mobilise gay and bisexual men toward the goal of ending new HIV transmissions by 2025.

Ending HIV offers a combination of tools to gay and bi guys to prevent HIV transmissions. It responds to the rising rates of HIV by empowering men with information and inspiring them to take action. It asks them to stay safe by using condoms and raises awareness about PrEP as an option that needs to be made available. It also puts focus on testing more often, particularly for those who haven’t been playing safe, and educates about the benefits of starting treatment early for those who test positive. The campaign calls on the community to work together in achieving an ambitious goal.

“Now is the time for all of us to take action to contribute to HIV prevention efforts through pledging support and educating each other about HIV prevention. Imagine a future where there are no new transmissions of HIV - what a gift that would be to the next generation.”

-  Jason Myers, Executive Director, NZAF.

New Zealand has an enviable record of HIV prevention but 2015 saw the highest number of new diagnoses on record. Going forward, Ending HIV will utilize a variety of ways from mass media to community engagement to educate and empower gay and bi men in making choices that are good for their health and well-being.