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Stop censoring efforts to prevent HIV

 Facebook and Google, it's time to get your head out of the sand and acknowledge what people are using your technology for.

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A gun emoji is acceptable but a condom isn't? Come on!

Unicode, the company that decides on new emojis, recently rejected an application for a condom emoji because it was not supported by the tech giants, including Facebook and Google.

Emojis, like + and +, have become increasingly popular in online messaging and sexting. Young people’s attitudes toward staying safe are being influenced by what they are experiencing online and, with HIV on the rise in New Zealand, we need to do more to give people the tools to talk about staying safe.

It is frustrating that these companies find a gun emoji () acceptable, but not a condom emoji. Their lack of lack of support is making our work harder than it needs to be.

This comes after both Google and Facebook censoring NZAF’s condom and HIV testing ads because they consider them to be inappropriate.

It’s time these tech giants showed leadership and took responsibility for helping keep our young people safe. We can’t stop HIV if we can’t talk about staying safe.

Sign today and ask Facebook and Google to come out and publicly support the condom emoji.

Tell Facebook and Google to come out and publicly support the condom emoji

"Facebook and Google: as leaders in the tech industry, you have a responsibility to enable the sharing of information and tools that help people stay safe. As informed citizens and consumers, we expect you to play your part to end the rise in HIV infections that digital technologies have helped fuel. Please support the condom emoji."