COVID-19 Updates

How is COVID-19 affecting NZAF and its services?


Wednesday 18 August

Aotearoa has moved into a Traffic Light system under the new COVID Protection Framework.

This page is where we will host all relevant updates about how COVID-19 is affecting our services and offices. Last updated - Thursday 2 December 2021. 


Testing and Condom services

Our centres are currently closed for in-person testing services and condom pickups. This is only temporary and we will be opening them again as soon as we can.

A little context:

  • We are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and staff and legally operating within the new COVID Protection Framework. As further information has been released around the legal impact of this new framework, we now need some time to seek further guidance on how our unique services are classified. As a result, we need to temporarily suspend the in-person services in our centres from this Friday 3 December. We will be resuming them as soon as we have clarity on this situation.

    This does not mean we aren’t here to serve our communities – we can still offer virtual counselling and send condoms and HIV & STI self-test kits across the country.

    To avoid too much legalese - because of the diverse services we offer, the legal classification of our work under the new framework is complex. We need some time and advice to be certain whether our services are legally classified as requiring vaccine passes or not. We promise we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure you are able to safely visit our centres again. We will do our best to keep you up to date as things progress.

    We also strongly believe that COVID-19 vaccination is the best way to protect yourself, your community and your whānau during this pandemic and encourage everyone to be vaccinated if eligible.

Our online and delivery services are all still available!


  • You can still order an HIV self-test that you can do at home - please bear in mind current postal and courier volumes may affect delivery times.

  • Sexual health clinics will have different operating capacities depending on where in the country you are - please call or email ahead to discuss your situation and how you can access services.

  • You can also contact your local GP to request HIV or STI testing, if you have any concerns. It's still a good idea to call or email ahead.

Condom distribution:



Our counselling services will remain virtual at this time.

NZAF will continue to offer counselling services. Remote counselling services - our remote sessions can be held via phone or video. Head to the counselling booking form to get in touch.




Our centres and offices are all temporarily closed to the public at this time. We will be open again as soon as we can. 


COVID-19 and people living with HIV

We monitor the latest understandings and medical advice on how COVID-19 might affect people living with HIV and keep our site updated with the latest vaccine advice for our whānau living with HIV - read more here.



It's important to test for HIV and other STIs before rejoining your sexual networks after being in lockdown.

A silver lining of the dark cloud of COVID-19 is that it presents us with an incredible opportunity to actually break the chain of transmission for other viruses - like HIV! 


COVID-19 Alert Levels may impact your ability to get PrEP at this time.

  • Contact your local sexual health clinics to see if they are available for PrEP appointments - call or email ahead to discuss your situation.
  • You can also contact your local GP / family doctor to request PrEP

Note on discontinuing PrEP: For cisgender men who have sex with men, PrEP can be safely discontinued by taking the tablets for two consecutive days (48 hours) after your last condomless sex – it doesn’t matter if you take it daily or on-demand (2-1-1). If you are not a cisgender man who has sex with men, the current guidelines recommend to continue taking PrEP for 28 days since your last condomless sex before it can be discontinued. It is important to remember that HIV testing needs to be done prior to restarting PrEP. 

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