Pride Float Celebrates, Remembers NZAF Articles

Pride float celebrates, remembers

Pride Float Celebrates, Remembers NZAF Articles

Monday 23 February 2015

Our remembrance float at the Pride Parade, dedicated to the memory of loved ones, featured the iconic red ribbon bedazzled in lights and accompanied by Gay and Lesbian Singers (GALS).

Keeping with the theme of gods and monsters, everyone (including the marshals), were dressed in white and wore feather wings as well as masks.

"It is always important during pride to both celebrate and remember," said Executive Director Shaun Robinson. "The celebration is for all the achievements of the community and its ability to be out and indeed proud. The remembrance is for the dark years of homophobia and abuse — and of course for those who fell in the struggle with HIV and AIDS."

The float was entered into the parade with the following poem:

Somewhere between the gaze of gods above 
And the reach of monsters below
We see angels dance amidst us. 
Looking on we remember
Those who touched us
Then left. 
Their courage lives on in our hearts 
Always remembered
Never forgotten.
For if we forget
Have we ever lived at all?

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