New faces on the NZAF Board

  • 📅14 June, 2017

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) has welcomed two new members to its Trust Board, with Guy Alexander and Anthony Fallon appointed to the Board in April 2017. The two new members were appointed to complement the skills, knowledge and experience that Board members bring to the Foundation.

David Friar, Chair of the NZAF Trust Board, said, “We are delighted to welcome Anthony and Guy to the Board. Guy works for Xero NZ Limited in Auckland as Director Product Marketing. He comes to the NZAF Board with not only a strong business development background, but also not-for-profit governance experience as former National President of CanTeen and Board Member of the Child Cancer Foundation. Anthony lives in Christchurch and is a Service Development Manager – Mental Health & AOD for Canterbury District Health Board. Alongside his healthcare experience, Anthony is Chair of the Drug Injecting Services in Canterbury Trust and Board Member of the Needle Exchange Services Trust, among other not-for-profit boards. In 2017, Anthony was awarded a Lifehack Flourishing Fellowship to help create a positive impact on youth health and wellbeing. Guy and Anthony’s fresh perspectives ensure that the Board remains well equipped to lead the organisation into a future that is both challenging and filled with opportunities.”

The Foundation also said farewell to Vaughan Meneses, who served on the Board from 2012 until April this year. Mr. Friar expressed deep gratitude to Vaughan for his many years of service to the NZAF.

“Vaughan was a valued Board member for more than five years, although his involvement in NZAF’s work began many years earlier. He has been a passionate and vocal advocate, always ensuring the voices of people living with HIV have been heard at a governance level. We wish Vaughan well for the future and know he will remain connected to the NZAF and our community,” said Mr. Friar. 

From the early days in the 1980s, community involvement has always been at the heart of NZAF’s HIV prevention and care work.  Community support and partnerships continue to be vital in 2017 as NZAF strives towards its goals of ending new HIV transmissions, supporting people living with HIV, and fighting HIV stigma.

In parting, Mr. Meneses said, “It was a real pleasure to be a Board member of NZAF and part of the team responsible for the change in strategy and policy in the NZAF approach to prevention. For the first time in many years HIV is now the focus of the campaign, which means HIV is once more part of the community dialogue. It also means that people living with HIV are now seen as part of the solution, not part of the problem. HIV stigma still needs to be tackled, and with the new energy and focus of the organisation I look forward to seeing strides made in this area. As a person living with HIV, leaving the Board doesn’t mean I get to walk away from the issues or the challenges that people with HIV face. I’ve been involved with the organisation since 1986 and because I have confidence in the leadership team of the NZAF, to step away now feels like an easy thing to do. The organisation has its work cut out, but is well poised to deliver on the promise of ending HIV transmission.”