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New Zealand AIDS Foundation appoints Jason Myers as new Executive Director

📅27 May, 2016

Myers comes to NZAF with over a decade of experience spanning HIV, public health, human rights and international development.

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Government must provide the tools to end new HIV Infections

📅24 May, 2016

Latest figures show that 2015 had the highest number of newly diagnosed HIV infections among gay and bisexual men ever recorded.

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PrEP availability one step closer for Australians

📅6 May, 2016

Registration of Truvada for HIV prevention by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration makes it easier for doctors in Australia to prescribe PrEP and for people to import it for themselves.

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Government’s investments in new medicines must include removal of CD4 threshold says NZAF

📅5 May, 2016

New Zealand Government announced a $124 million increase in new medicines over the next four years.

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May 2016: National HIV Testing Month kicks off

📅27 April, 2016

HIV testing an important pillar in NZ’s strategy to end HIV by 2025

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New Zealand AIDS Foundation Executive Director resigns

📅16 March, 2016

After five years in the role, Shaun Robinson has resigned to take up a new position as CEO of the Mental Health Foundation.

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Celebrate love and pride at New Zealand’s iconic LGBTI event

📅14 February, 2016

An expected 10,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer people, their friends, family and whanau are expected to attend the day-long celebration at Coyle Park, Auckland on 14 February

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World AIDS Day 2015: New Zealand could lead the way in achieving zero new HIV infections

📅25 November, 2015

New science shows that greater access to HIV medications can drive down new infections and could end the epidemic. If global scientific development is harnessed along with condom use,

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Responding to HIV in New Zealand with renewed vigour in a brave new world

📅23 June, 2015

July 1 will mark an important milestone in New Zealand AIDS Foundation’s (NZAF’s) history. It will commemorate three decades of the AIDS epidemic in New Zealand and the Foundation’s response to it.

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HIV Epidemic in NZ: Rise in infections for gay men a serious concern

📅4 June, 2015

The latest figures by the AIDS Epidemiology Group show that in 2014, 217 people were newly reported with HIV in New Zealand. This is higher than any year since 2008.

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Make HIV medication available early in New Zealand

📅28 May, 2015

Prioritising access to meds regardless of CD4 count is in the interest of all

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World AIDS Day: More goes to the Wellness Fund

📅9 December, 2014

This year’s annual World AIDS Day appeal has seen an increase over the previous year with a total of NZD$30,120 collected.

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New Zealand AIDS Foundation elects new Chair

📅26 November, 2014

David Friar was elected as the new Board Chair following NZAF’s recent Annual General Meeting on 22 November. Mr Friar has served on the Board since 2012.

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Comparing Ebola to AIDS is misleading

📅25 August, 2014

The risk from the Ebola virus is very low in New Zealand. Outbreaks are known to primarily occur in villages in Central and West Africa, near tropical rainforests according to WHO

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Living in South Auckland? Grab a Rapid Test on Thursdays

📅7 August, 2014

Each week on a Thursday, NZ AIDS Foundation counsellor Lyndon Moore sets up shop at Youthline Manukau Centre in Papatoetoe, ready to offer free rapid HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis C tests.

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NZAF supports greater focus given to HIV and STIs

📅1 August, 2014

Proposed amendments to the Health Protection Bill is set to provide more options to the health system and practitioners in responding to infectious diseases. In that, this is a welcome move.

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Multidrug resistant gonorrhoea alert issued by Australian health authorities

📅4 July, 2014

4 July 2014 -- Another important reason to ‘love your condom’, to protect each other from this strain of gonorrhoea and from other STIs

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Encouraging numbers on HIV but more work necessary

📅6 June, 2014

Data released by Otago University offers insights on epidemic in New Zealand

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Risk of HIV transmission not completely ruled out even if viral load undetectable

📅1 May, 2014

Estimated up to 32 per cent chance of HIV infection through anal sex over 10 years, despite undetectable viral load

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HIV prevention not possible without community support

📅8 April, 2014

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is deeply grateful for the support it receives from the community. Without that support, preventing HIV would be a difficult task.

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Our tribute to Dr. Charles Farthing

📅7 April, 2014

Charles Farthing’s death has come as a sad shock to everyone at the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Those who had an opportunity to interact with him remember him fondly as a kiwi pioneer in the field

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Danger of too simplistic reading of ‘PARTNER Study’ for people living with HIV

📅7 March, 2014

Estimated 32 percent chance of HIV infection through receptive anal sex over 10 years, despite undetectable viral load .

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NZAF membership now free

📅18 February, 2014

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation voted at its recent Annual General Meeting that no fees will be charged for the NZAF membership.

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An iconic AIDS remembrance float

📅14 February, 2014

The memories of those whose lives have been lost to AIDS serve as inspiration to continue to make strong strides in prevention of HIV today.

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Awareness key as LGBTI community reflects more ethnic diversity

📅13 February, 2014

Chinese and South Asian participants invited in study that aims to explore views about gay life in Auckland

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Simon Randall appointed Chair at New Zealand AIDS Foundation

📅12 February, 2014

The NZAF Board has elected Simon Randall and appointed him Chair of the Board of Trustees. The appointment coincides with NZAF’s highlights of the year, the LYC Big Gay Out.

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LYC Big Gay Out 2014 celebrates diversity and condom culture

📅4 February, 2014

New Zealand’s largest annual gathering for the LGBTI community is poised to set the stage for the Auckland Pride Festival on February 09 at Coyle Park in Auckland

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Big acts confirmed for LYC Big Gay Out

📅7 January, 2014

Good Shirt, Kittens of the Internet and Lavina Williams are the confirmed lead acts on stage at the 2014 LYC Big Gay Out.

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Nelson Mandela’s work on HIV/AIDS remembered

📅9 December, 2013

The NZAF would like to offer our deepest and profound condolences to the Mandela family and the people of South Africa on the passing of Nelson Rolihlahla “Madiba” Mandela.

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Shake a Bucket for World AIDS Day 2013

📅18 November, 2013

The annual World AIDS Day street appeal is taking place on Friday 29 November and organisers are calling out for volunteers to rattle collection buckets in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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Love Life Fono celebrates pacific diversity

📅18 October, 2013

From 25 to 27 October 2013 scores of people from New Zealand’s Pacific rainbow communities will gather at the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) biennial Love Life Fono

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Get it On! to officially become LYC

📅27 September, 2013

Get it On!, the familiar face of safe sex in the nation’s rainbow communities, have announced that their successful condom promotion programme will be officially rebranded as LYC from 18 October.