Making changes to your regular gift

If you would like to change your regular gift to NZAF in any way - this is what you need to do

How do I make changes to my regular gift?

Firstly, thank you so much for supporting NZAF! Your support has already helped so many people in need to access free HIV testing, resources and support services – we’re truly grateful.

You can make changes to your regular gift by calling 09 300 69 53 or emailing [email protected] at least 5 working days before the date of your next gift. Please provide as much information as possible (full name, email, phone number) for verification and ease of processing.

If you contact us by email, someone from our team will make three attempts to contact you by phone for confirmation and feedback before changing or cancelling your gift.

Cancellations and changes can take up to 5 working days to action. Any payment that occurs before this time, unfortunately, can’t be cancelled and is unable to be refunded by NZAF. You’ll receive an email confirmation when your gift has been cancelled. It’s your responsibility to ensure your gift has been cancelled – if you don’t receive a confirmation within 5 working days please contact us immediately.

Refunds will be given when a card or direct debit is used fraudulently or when a donation is acquired more than 5 working days after a request to cancel has been made.

If you’re giving by direct debit you can also cancel at any time by getting in touch with your bank. Letting us know as well that you’d like to cancel means we won’t need to contact you to confirm your decision.

We’d recommend cancelling your direct debit with your bank even if you’ve already contacted us, which will avoid any pending donations being claimed. Your bank will generally require at least one working day’s notice before your next debit date.

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