Free STI Tests

We don't just test for HIV. Come and see us for a full range of STI tests with a qualified sexual health professional.

STI symptoms are a good indicator that someone needs to get tested, but not all STIs have obvious symptoms so a regular sexual health check-up is recommended.

Anyone who is sexually active should consider having a full STI screening at least once a year. Those who have more than ten sexual partners in a three month period should aim for a full STI screening every three to six months. In either case, this includes having an HIV test.

Even if someone is sure they’ve been safe, regular testing reduces the chances of having an undiagnosed STI that can not only harm their health but also increases their risk of picking up or passing on HIV.

If someone living with HIV contracts an STI, it can lead to a spike in their viral load making it easier for the virus to be passed on.

We offer free tests for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea at the following locations:

NZAF Burnett Centre, Auckland
NZAF Āwhina Centre, Wellington
NZAF Te Toka, Christchurch

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STI screening services are provided in partnership with Auckland Regional Sexual Health Service, Wellington Sexual Health Service, Christchurch Sexual Health Service.