What is the testing process?

It's so easy and it only takes twenty minutes. Check out our video guide to getting free HIV and Syphilis rapid tests at NZAF clinics around New Zealand.

*Please note that we are no longer providing Hepatitis C testing. 

Once you’ve booked your rapid test, one of our staff will call you to confirm the appointment. You can make an appointment anonymously if you wish to, but please be assured that any personal information shared with us is in complete confidence, and will not be shared with a third party without your permission.

When you arrive you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team members. You’ll then go in for your appointment with qualified staff who will have a chat with you about why you think you’ve been at risk of HIV. They'll ask some brief questions about your recent sexual activities in order to determine if other STI tests are also required, and if you need to be retested for HIV at a later date because of the window period.

No needles are required for the rapid tests – just a quick, painless finger prick. A single drop of blood is placed into the testing device and twenty minutes later, you have your result.

If the result is negative, we’ll discuss with you how you can help keep yourself and your sexual partners safe in the future. If the result is positive, you are in safe hands. We will look after you, advise you on next steps and call support people as appropriate. In either case, we have services available for ongoing counselling if you have any issues relating to HIV, sex or your general wellbeing.

Confidential vs Anonymous - what's the difference?

Confidential testing

Your details and test results will not be revealed to anybody except for designated clinic staff and in some cases, specific health professionals with your permission. The clinic will require some personal details, but they will not be revealed to anybody - clinics are legally bound by patient confidentiality and a strict ethical code.

Anonymous testing

Where a patient does not have to, or chooses not to give their name, address or contact details. We do offer anonymous testing, so if you don't provide your name you will be given a unique identifying code. Patients sometimes give a fake name which we do not recommend doing because it creates difficulties if a person tests positive. Simply tell us you'd like your test to be anonymous.

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