National HIV Testing Month

National HIV Testing Month is an awareness campaign to increase rates of HIV testing among gay and bi guys, who account for eighty percent of HIV infections in New Zealand each year.

For gay and bi guys it’s a good idea to test for HIV once a year. And the more times you have anal sex without condoms the more often you should test. Check out these three reasons why gay and bi guys are more prone to getting HIV.

Around one in five gay and bi Kiwis living with HIV don't know it yet. 

  • Many of these guys have picked up HIV recently and are very infectious (you’re at your most infectious in the weeks and months after getting HIV).
  • Many new infections come from these people who don’t know that they have HIV. That’s why condoms and lube are still the best barrier against HIV.

Knowing your HIV status means you can get access to treatment and support to improve your health, as well prevent yourself passing it on to others.

Delaying testing allows HIV to damage your immune system without you realising. In fact, on average you die 10 years earlier if you’re diagnosed with HIV late and don’t start treatment on time. 

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