The Ending HIV Big Gay Out 2022 has been cancelled

We know this will be disappointing news - but the decision has not been made lightly.

We recognise the importance of strategic partnerships in helping to prevent HIV transmission and support those living with HIV to maximise their health and wellbeing.


Body Positive

Body Positive is a peer support organisation for all people in New Zealand living with HIV.

Based in Auckland CBD, Body Positive has been run by positive people, for positive people, since it formed in the 1980s. It was officially incorporated as a peer support organisation in 1992. The organisation is run by Chief Executive Officer Mark Fisher and small, dedicated team of staff offering support and services to people living with HIV.

The peer support organisation maintains having a unique perspective of "knowing first hand" what it is like to live with the virus and the issues surrounding being HIV positive.


Body Positive provides a broad range of services for people living with HIV in New Zealand in an attempt to break down the sense of isolation HIV+ people often experience and to build a sense of community and wellbeing. While they are based in Auckland, they run regular community gatherings throughout the country. 

Body Positive’s website offers more information on the support services the organisation provides. You can call their Freephone on  0800 HIV LINE (0800 448 5463) or email [email protected] for more information.


Positive Women 

Positive Women Inc. is a support organisation for women and families living with HIV and AIDS which aims to provide a support network and empower women and families living with HIV. They strive to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in the community through educational programmes with a focus on prevention and de-stigmatisation.

Born in 1990, the organisation is run by the National Coordinator Jane Bruning. Positive Women offers a drop-in centre, a free-phone number for information and support, and has a registered social worker. 

The Positive Women logo takes the well recognised HIV ribbon and gives it a feminine touch by linking the ribbons together in unity to form a rose flower - a symbol of love, beauty, hope, happiness, fruitfulness and growth. The words Positive Women written vertically in green represent the stem of the rose, symbolising strength and support.

How to contact Positive Women

Address: Level 1 // 35 Hargreaves St // St Marys Bay // Auckland 1010 // New Zealand

Postal Address: PO Box 56076 // Dominion Road // Auckland 1446 // New Zealand

Phone: 09 623 9183

Free phone: 0800 POZTIV 0800 769 848

Fax: 09 623 9281


Email: [email protected]

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