Aotearoa is at COVID-19 Alert Level 2 (with Auckland at Level 3) - get more info on how this affects our services

Please test for HIV and other STIs before having sex outside your bubbles in level 2. We can break the chain of transmission for more than one epidemic with this lockdown.

Together, we can end HIV in New Zealand. Once and for all.

There are lots of ways you can get involved to help us deliver our programmes to change lives. 

Support us financially 

There are lots of ways you can support us financially to help us to take positive action in our work of supporting people in their experience of living with HIV and advocating for their rights. 

You can also find out where your money goes here. Or find out how to make a change to your regular gift here.   

With your time 

Our volunteers  and members are an extremely important part of almost everything that we do. We love to see new faces and are hugely appreciative of the way the community supports the work that we do.

The NZAF network

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