Jacek Kolodziej

Science and Information Officer

I am proud to be joining NZAF in the role of Science and Information Officer working towards the goal of ending new transmissions of HIV in New Zealand by disseminating knowledge to fight stigma and improve access to testing and treatment.

I hold an MA in psychology and I am currently working on my PhD around PrEP use in men who have sex with men in New Zealand, trying to analyse its beneficial aspects reaching beyond HIV prevention and contributing to well-being of guys who use it. I am passionate about HIV prevention and I try to keep myself informed about all the scientific advancements in the areas of prevention, treatment and diagnostics of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

I truly believe that by improving access to knowledge and critical consideration of new evidence-based interventions we can work towards the goal of dramatically reducing the number of new infections and improving the quality of life of those affected by HIV and their whānau.

Science and Policy

Adrian Ludlam

Policy and Science Manager

Brooke Hollingshead

Policy Officer/ Āpiha Matua