Caitlin Scott

Senior Campaign Planner

Working at NZAF means I am part of the team working to bring the community on board with ending HIV in NZ. This is an exciting and achievable goal if everyone signs up.

I am a behaviour change specialist with a background in social research, marketing and community engagement. Originally from Auckland, I trained in Melbourne and worked in the public and private sector in Australia for over ten years on planning and environmental issues.

Always interested in the social and political side of things, I completed a Masters of Social Science at RMIT in 2008, with a major in environment. I moved back to Auckland in 2011, and took on senior role at Auckland Council managing waste and recycling programmes for four years.

Taking a step back from management, I am now working in a senior role for NZAF, supporting them to develop and deliver social marketing programmes in a public health context. I am really enjoying being part of the team and learning lots about engaging the community around HIV.

Marketing & Communications