Tony Hughes

Scientific Director

BSc MSc (Hons) QSM

I have been involved in HIV and AIDS management on a full-time basis since November 1984.

I attended the first International AIDS Conference in Atlanta in April 1985, and organised the first Government-funded prevention campaign for both men who have sex with men (MSM) and the general community in New Zealand in August 1985. I also became actively involved in public policy development and gay rights advocacy at that time in order to support the evolving health promotion programme for MSM. This work assisted in the successful passage of homosexual law reform with an equal age of consent in 1986, and culminated in amendments to the Human Rights Act in 1993 to include sexual orientation and HIV positive status.

From 1990 to 2012 I was Research Director of the New Zealands AIDS Foundation. My particular focus continues to be on drawing together knowledge from the biology and epidemiology of HIV transmission with knowledge about the sexual partnering and sexual behaviours of MSM in order to inform HIV prevention practice at the coalface and support for condom use for anal sex as the primary HIV and STI prevention strategy for gay men.

I'm a biologist by training and I have a strong academic interest in all issues relating to sexual orientation, HIV basic science and its prevention implications, sexual health promotion strategies for MSM, and the scientific analysis of HIV and STI spread in MSM populations.

I was awarded a QSM for community service in the New Year’s Honours list in 2006.


Nick Laing

General Manager Operations / Deputy Executive Director

Joe Rich

Communications & Marketing Director

Mistral Carson

Administration & Finance Director