Seng Poh Lee


I am passionate about my work at NZAF as it provides me the opportunity and privilege of supporting clients who struggle with health anxieties, sexual and gender discrimination, HIV stigmatisation and social marginalisation.

I have been volunteering at the Burnett Centre since 2013 and joined the NZAF Health Services Team as member of staff in July 2015.  I completed my psychotherapy clinical training at Auckland University of Technology and currently work as a registered psychotherapist both at the Burnett Centre and also in private practice.

I provide a safe, confidential, supportive and non-judgmental space in which I aim to help clients explore issues that are causing their life struggles and distress.  Together we examine any internal and external, past and present influences that may be hindering personal growth and also preventing or holding clients back from living a fuller and more enriched life.

Having lived in Asia for a significant part of my life, I am familiar with Asian culture and have experience in working with clients presenting with identity and cultural issues.  I am proficient in English and Mandarin, and can communicate in Cantonese, Teochew and Hokkien.

Health Services