Russell Bradshaw

Peer Tester

I am excited to be joining the NZAF team here at the Āwhina Centre in Wellington where we are testing and passing on up-to-date information about HIV and HIV prevention to people in the LGBTIQ+ community.


It’s an exciting time in New Zealand with the country leading the way internationally by being one of only a handful of countries worldwide to publically fund PrEP, and this is giving men who have sex with men greater control over their sexual health. As a peer tester, I get the chance to talk to people every day about their sexual health and pass on valuable information about HIV. Educating people about condoms, PrEP, Treatment as Prevention (TasP), and how we now know that having an undetectable viral load means that a person is not able to transmit HIV (U=U); all contribute to putting people’s mind at ease during testing and helps to reduce the stigma around HIV in general. 

Health Services

Victoria Riddiford

National Therapeutic Leader and Team Leader Christchurch

Luke Edwards

Regional Administration Officer