Ofel Epicorus

Office Administrator

I have been volunteering for Condom Packing events through the New Zealand AIDS Foundation since 2017. For me, being a part of the Te Toka team means being a part of something greater than myself and making the world better.

I am an Israeli photographer and storyteller living in New Zealand. I am passionate about people and understanding their emotions, and firmly believe in the importance of human connection. Since late 2018, I have been using my skills to create A Part of Me Project. Through the project, I'm able to share stories of people living with physical or mental illness. My main aim is to help break the stigma and loneliness around the conditions.

After living in vibrant and open-minded Tel-Aviv, New Zealand felt more conservative and less inclusive and I found Te Toḵa to be a safe haven where I could be my full self.

Most of my career has been people-focused and I plan on using what I have learned throughout the years to help our clients feel seen and welcomed. I feel privileged to work for The New Zealand AIDS Foundation as it correlates well with my values. I strongly believe we need to combat the stigma around AIDS and HIV.

Health Services

Victoria Riddiford

National Therapeutic Leader and Team Leader Christchurch