Nathaniel Gordon-Stables

Takatāpui Peer Tester

I feel honoured to work for my LGBTI community, supporting them through health services and education that will help the health of our community.


I have a long history of volunteering within the local queer community in Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara (Wellington).

I have been working in the area of community engagement in mental health, gender/sexual orientation workshops and sex education. My work involves engaging with both the local queer community and local health services. I am also passionate about researching issues that affect our community, particularly around Takatāpui suicide. I have a research affiliation with the University of Otago. 

I feel very strongly about sexual health education and  I’m excited to provide services to the Takatāpui and LGBTI community with my knowledge and expertise. 

Health Services