Nathaniel Gordon-Stables

Takatāpui Peer Tester

I feel honoured to work for my LGBTI community, supporting them through health services and education that will help the health of our community.


I have a long history of volunteering within the local queer community in Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara (Wellington).

I have been working in the area of community engagement in mental health, gender/sexual orientation workshops and sex education. My work involves engaging with both the local queer community and local health services. I am also passionate about researching issues that affect our community, particularly around Takatāpui suicide. I have a research affiliation with the University of Otago. 

I feel very strongly about sexual health education and  I’m excited to provide services to the Takatāpui and LGBTI community with my knowledge and expertise. 

Health Services

Victoria Riddiford

National Therapeutic Leader and Team Leader Christchurch

Luke Edwards

Regional Administration Officer