Hilary Gerrard


After many years of working with the HIV+ community as a registered nurse in both Edinburgh and here in Auckland, I decided to retrain as a Counsellor and completed my training in 2010.  I wanted to work with the community from a different perspective and with more autonomy around the professional relationship that I developed with my clients.

Central to my work with clients is the therapeutic relationship and I strongly believe that “therapy” happens when this relationship is based on trust, respect and empathy.  I work with an eclectic mix of therapeutic modalities and try to tailor fit them to each individual client needs.

After completing my two year PG Diploma, I began Advanced Sex Therapy training with Sex Therapy NZ to enhance my practice and language around working with client’s issues that are related to their sexual identity, sexual functioning and sexual choices.  This training has been invaluable to my work here at The Burnett Centre.

HIV and Ageing is a topic very close to my heart and also working with the stigma and discrimination that’s still shown towards people living with HIV (PLWHIV).  My vision is that one day we will all be treated the same regardless of our colour, race, culture, sexual/gender identities or choice of sexual partners.

I look forward to continuing my work with new and previous clients here at The Burnett Centre, NZAF.

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