Brenda Little


I like to give people permission to talk about the things they usually don’t speak about. I like to work with clients to sort out what they want and need for fun, healthy ways to relate to others.

I have spent most of my work life talking with people of all ages about sexuality as a counsellor, sexual health educator and clinical health promoter. I am passionate about my role at NZAF Āwhina as a counsellor.

I believe good sex is ‘sex you don’t have to worry about’ — before, during or after. Sex is about pleasure and joy — when people worry there is less capacity to relate intimately. When clients come in for an HIV test, it’s a time to talk about those worries and to prevent them in the future. Even though life’s relationship challenges and crises are tough, I work with clients to find their resilience and use strategies to get more out of life.

Things have changed since I first worked with clients who live with HIV in the 1980’s. I want to contribute to the strong network of people living positively with HIV in Wellington and NZ, and grow NZAF health services to reach the changing need.

I like the balance in my work life as a counsellor at NZAF and have a private practice in clinical supervision for health practitioners.

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