Arslan Ahmed

Peer Tester

It is a privilege to be a part of my LGBT community in providing services that will improve health outcomes for my peers.

I have a strong academic and research background in public health, having completed my BHSc(Hons) in 2014 and currently undertaking my Masters in Public Health. My academic focus on the syndemic between chemsex and HIV has given me an astute understanding of the importance of HIV prevention within our LGBT community. I am extremely passionate about HIV prevention and am privileged to now be at the forefront of the development and provision of primary interventions targeting men who have sex with men in reducing the burden of HIV transmission with the NZAF.

My work experience as a researcher in community health, being a part of the Gay Mens Sexual Health research group at the University of Auckland has also given me valuable insight to current issues and epidemiological trends regarding HIV/AIDS in New Zealand. 

Health Services