Yun Huang

Resourcing & Support Officer

I want our Asian community to join us on this mission and together we can advance the wellbeing of Asians in New Zealand.

The Asian community has become a crucial and integral part of New Zealand society. As the Asian Community Engagement Coordinator, I strive to strengthen the interaction and cooperation between NZAF and the Asian community in our common goal of HIV prevention and supporting people and families living with HIV. With culture and language differences in mind, I am here to ensure the information, programmes and services of NZAF are able to successfully and appropriately reach out to our Asian community.

During my study, I had the amazing opportunity to interview people living with HIV in New Zealand. Their challenging and moving life experiences have taught me that often it is not the virus itself but the discrimination and stigma that is making HIV prevention a difficult task. Thus through my work at NZAF I also hope to reduce and eliminate the discrimination and stigma surrounding HIV, people living with HIV, their families and the high risk group, men who have sex with men.

I look forward to working with Asian and LGBTIQ communities so that, together, we can make NZ an inclusive, strong and healthy HIV-resilient country to live in, regardless of ethnicity and sexuality.

Community Engagement

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Community Engagement Manager

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