Max Tweedie

Volunteer & Events Officer

I am both excited and honoured to be working for the NZAF. I believe the way we end HIV is with community-led change. We have to work with and empower our resilient rainbow community to come together to achieve our common goal of ending new HIV transmissions by 2025.

My passion for human rights and social justice ignited when I was watching the Marriage Equality Bill pass its third reading in Parliament and into law.

It was a monumental moment for our community, as our love was finally perceived as equal under the law. But it was monumental for me, because it was apparent that our human rights aren’t given to us, we have to fight for them. Since then I have endeavoured to work for and volunteer for causes which I believe improve the lives of many, and works towards justice for marginalised people across the world.

I come to the NZAF with a broad background in the community, NGO and political sectors. My experience working with volunteers and young people has come from my time as a Schools’ Partnership Manager at World Vision. I also have a broad engagement, administration and events background from my time volunteering and working for the Green Party during the 2017 election. 

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