Lee Eklund

Community Engagement Coordinator

My vision is to create a condom culture where wearing a condom is considered the norm, as well as other prevention like PrEP and UVL. My work with the NZAF started 9 years ago as a volunteer. With friends and family affected by HIV, I found the NZAF to be a great source of support and information. As a volunteer I found it rewarding and fulfilling to give back to an organisation that prevents HIV, and cares for HIV positive communities.

I started working for NZAF last year. My job involves building and maintaining relationships with venues, organisations and individuals who support our mission to build a condom culture among gay and bi men in New Zealand. I am also heavily involved in various community events as an ambassador for the Love Your Condom message. This is my absolute passion, I love what I do and it is honestly my dream job. My vision is to create a condom culture where wearing a condom is considered the norm.

There are many things I love about working with Wellington’s GLBTI community. Being involved with the diverse cross-sections of our community has opened doors for me and given me opportunities to get involved with all walks of life under the GLBTI umbrella.

To successfully engage with our community you need to earn people’s respect and gain their trust. In the last year we have doubled the number of venues, organisations and stakeholders who support our work in Wellington and the Lower North Island. I believe my success in my role is a direct result of the recognition and respect I have of others, and my passion for this work.

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