Blaise Clotworthy

Volunteer and Events Officer

Having volunteered and advocated for the mission of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, I feel honoured to be joining the team to help engage our wonderful and diverse communities and be a part of ending new HIV transmissions and stigma in Aotearoa - while advocating for the rights and wellbeing of those living with and most affected by HIV

I have a Bachelor of Performing Arts in Acting and have worked professionally as a performer since 2014. I was introduced to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation through street collection in 2017, while I was performing as a drag in the musical “Pleasuredome’. My drag mother, Stef Knight led this movement within the cast members of our show and this lit a fire within me and instilled a passion for activism and advocacy for issues that most affect our community. For me, this was, and still is, the mission of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation – to advocate for the rights and wellbeing of those living with affected by HIV, as well as ending stigma and new HIV transmissions.

I have been a volunteer with the Foundation on a multitude of levels - from street-collection, to educating thousands of people at the Big Gay Out, and modelling for campaigns. My involvement culminated in performing my one-woman drag show “Everybody Interesting is Gay” as my drag persona “Ms. Wednesday Blaiselle” with composer Jason Smith. It was through presenting this show, which included educational elements around stigma and combination prevention, that I was able to donate 100% of the ticket profits to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.

It is my firm belief that by delivering engaging and inspirational events for our community and developing volunteer engagement strategies to lead these events, we can fight stigma, reduce transmissions and support the wellbeing of those living with HIV in New Zealand.

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