Akira Le Fevre

Community Engagement Coordinator

HIV is still an issue for our community, a community that means so much to me.

My role here at the NZAF as a Community Engagement Coordinator is just that, engaging with our LGBIT community to create a condom culture. Whether it be supplying them with enough condoms and lube for their venue or event, running an HIV 101 workshop, helping support various events be it a dance party or a community festival, helping break down the stigma of HIV or just taking some time out to connect with someone in our community, I work to promote our Love Your Condom message.

I first began volunteering with the NZAF while I facilitated a queer youth group here in Christchurch, and since then have been lucky enough to have landed my dream job working alongside some amazing people who are doing great things for a community I truly love. I still pinch myself every now and then as I can’t believe I have a job where I get to travel New Zealand, dress up in various personas at parties and events surrounded by an amazing community, all while promoting a message that is so important.

I am so proud and passionate to be able to represent the NZAF and our Love Your Condom message both here in Christchurch and the South Island. I strive to continue creating a condom culture where using condoms is just a natural habit amongst our LGBIT and the wider community here in NZ.

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