Our Mission and Vision

NZAF has a vision of a world without HIV and AIDS. We aim to achieve this through our mission of preventing the transmission of HIV and providing support for people living with HIV, their partners and whānau.

NZAF seeks to be a responsible, credible and accountable organisation that values an informed, strategic and education-based approach to tackling New Zealand’s HIV epidemic. We are a community-centred organisation and are committed to promoting biculturalism and diversity that is representative of Aotearoa.

Our Values


We have a proud history of being at the forefront of the HIV response in New Zealand. We act with conviction and inspire change. We are courageous and set audacious goals. We hold ourselves to account.  


We have a strong commitment to providing evidence-based programmes and services. We are constantly learning and we adapt and innovate for greater impact. We are committed to sharing information with the communities we serve.


We respect and value each other and our communities. We thrive on our diversity and are committed to equality and equity in the work we do. We build and nurture partnerships because we recognise the value in collective strength.


We are committed to doing what is right. We act with integrity and stand up for what we believe in. We recognise our duty of care to the communities we serve.  


We are empathetic and nurture the wellbeing of the communities we serve. We are humble and always open to listening. We are trustworthy and caring.  


About the New Zealand AIDS Foundaton

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) is New Zealand’s national HIV prevention and health services organisation. The work of NZAF includes HIV prevention and community engagement, testing and health services, science and advocacy. This work is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health through trusts and grant-making bodies and through donations from individuals and businesses.

NZAF's National Office is in Auckland. There are regional centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and contracted professionals providing rapid testing and counselling services in most areas of New Zealand.

NZAF is a registered charity that grew out of gay community initiatives in the 1980s and today it brings history, passion, commitment, expertise and diversity to meet the emerging trends of the HIV epidemic and the changing needs of the communities it serves.