Vaughan Meneses


My association and history with the NZAF has been extensive and I have been involved in HIV related activities since 1986. I have strong connections within the HIV positive community and I have had the benefit of having lived in Auckland, Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Christchurch. 

My role with OUTLine as General Manager ensured that I connected with a large and diverse group of people from all parts of the community. My commitment to the wellbeing and strength of the rainbow community has been well proven and widely supported. At OUTLine we managed limited resources effectively to achieve community outcomes and our projects included work in AOD, Mental Health and Aging Communities. 

From a governance perspective I have been involved in many organisations over the years including: NZ Red Cross (Youth Representative to National Council and National Executive); Pink Health (Founder); Hero (Board Member); OUTLine (Board Member); and was part of the interim committee working on establishing the governance structure for the Auckland Pride Festival. 

In my professional capacities I have worked in counselling, administration, media, and sales. I have also owned and managed several of my own businesses. I have a solid working knowledge of Tikanga Maori via university study and have a basic knowledge of NZ Sign Language.

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