Guy Alexander


I was co-opted onto the board in May 2017. Currently, I am a Product Marketing Director for Xero NZ and have a career spanning startup companies through to corporates mostly in the commercial, sales & marketing spaces. I have also been previously involved with both the Child Cancer Foundation as a board member and was President of CanTeen NZ. I bring to the table an interesting mix of commercial skills along with a significant amount of governance experience for someone my age. 

I decided to get involved with the NZAF seeing the latest End HIV campaign. The impact that HIV will have on my generation is different to those gone before us. I also find that there is a real lack of education and understanding within both the gay and heterosexual communities. To be a part of an organization with an ambitious vision to end new transmissions by 2025 excites me, together we can make the world a better place. 

Originally from a small town called Okaihau in Northland, I now live in Auckland, however, spend a fair amount of time traveling for work. I'm an avid cyclist and compete regularly in single & multi-day events when I can. 

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