Dr Edward Coughlan


I am a gay Sexual Health Physician and the Clinical Director of Christchurch Sexual Health Service. I am also a Director of the Sexually Transmitted Infections Education Foundation (STIEF) and immediate past President of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society (NZSHS).

I provide clinical care to HIV positive persons and am also passionately committed to HIV prevention with a special interest in pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Along with other enthusiastic early-adopting collaborators, I helped set up a PrEP service in Christchurch before government funding was available. I currently lead educational training on PrEP and want to make sure PrEP is available to those who need it most.

I have also been involved in public health responses to the syphilis outbreak among gay and bisexual men.

I am passionate about “Ending HIV” and allowing people to have more choices in how they can stop contracting HIV.

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