Make a submission to PHARMAC supporting its proposal to remove the CD4 threshold

  • 📅11 May, 2017

In a recent proposal, PHARMAC is suggesting removing restrictions on access to HIV medication in New Zealand. This will significantly benefit people newly diagnosed with HIV and those living with HIV as well as efforts to prevent HIV transmission. 

NZAF has strongly advocated for the removal of the CD4 threshold. Currently, people living with HIV have to wait until their immune system is sufficiently damaged – with a CD4 count of 500 or below - to be able to get access to HIV medicines. If PHARMAC’s proposal is successful, it would mean that people living with are able to get the medicines immediately.

We urge the community to get behind this proposal. Members of the community can make a submission to PHARMAC and contribute to the removal of the CD4 threshold. All feedback received before the deadline will be considered by PHARMAC before making a decision on the proposal.

To give your feedback to PHARMAC, written submissions can be emailed to Lindsay Ancelet, Therapeutic Group Manager PHARMAC at by Friday, 26 May 2017.